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I truly can't say enough wonderful things about Molly at Underdog Behavior and Consulting. She has been in our lives for 6 years helping my crew of seven rescue dogs, all of whom have a variety of behavioral issues. Molly approaches each one of my dogs with patience and love, allowing them the space to just be dogs. Using only positive training methods she has successfully worked with my bloodhounds resource guarding issues, a jumping 60lb pittie, a dog aggressive pit mix, a mutt with severe separation anxiety and a border collie mix who just wanted to learn every trick in the book. Her human skills are as solid as her dog skills, she is an excellent communicator, making complex behavioral issues understandable and approachable. Molly's knowledge, experience and compassion for animals is beyond compare and we are very lucky to have her in our lives.
Jen Weller


Wyatt in Crate.jpg

When we were referred to Molly, our two dogs were having recurrent fights and we were worried that we were going to have to separate them. She was helpful right off the bat - on our first consultation phone call, we were impressed by her knowledge, compassion and desire to help. Molly gave us actionable tips and things to consider to help us unpack what was happening between our pups right away and we knew she was the right fit for us to work with. The other trainers we talked to just didn’t seem to have the same level of interest, concern and empathy that we saw in Molly.

After that first phone call, we worked with Molly to do some in-home assessment and training, and then a more intensive board & train focused on healing the underlying separation anxiety of one of our two pups, Wyatt. We felt completely comfortable leaving him in her care while we were out of the country. In the 10 days that he was with her, she made more progress with him than we had been able to make in six years with our own efforts and other trainers!

Wyatt had come to us from a rescue and was fearful of a whole lot - other dogs on leash, strangers, the sound of a plastic bag, the sight of a newspaper - but especially being left alone (even in another room!) or confined in a crate or other space. He would destroy things and often hurt himself in the process. In just over a week, Molly got Wyatt comfortable being by himself in an X-pen for extended periods ...and even a crate. We were AMAZED by his progress in board & train! Today Wyatt is a much more confident dog and we are more confident too, knowing we have the knowledge and skills to prevent further issues between our two dogs. Molly helped us restore peace to our home and give both dogs a happier life, and we could not be more thankful for her help.

We highly recommend Molly for her board & train service! The return you’ll get is worth a hundred times the investment - and she makes the whole process so easy and comfortable.
Ariana & Levi

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Molly has been one of our most important training partners for PawsCo. Her experience and knowledge have been extremely helpful to evaluate behavior and build a training plan for some of our foster dogs. With her help, we have been able to set foster dogs for success for their adoptions. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, but she has been a pleasure to work with. I always learn something new from Molly when working on a case or listening to a webinar. I would absolutely recommend Molly as a trainer for any dog. 

Marie-France St-Pierre
Training Director



We reached out to Molly in desperation after we bought a house and moved in together. Until then, our dogs had been fine friends when visiting each other, but suddenly once forced to spend 24/7 together they started having huge fights with each other. The fights kept escalating. At one point we ended up at the vet for stitches and one of our dog could’ve ended up losing an eye! We realized we were in need of professional help. Molly helped us look out for signs of stress, how to deescalate the situation before things got out of hand, teach our dogs commands they and us could rely on to redirect their behavior/stress. She was amazingly patient with us (as we probably needed more training than our dogs). She also respects and loves dogs, we had previously been recommended a shock collar for our large and difficult husky, she taught us that causing a dog pain is never a good way to teach a dog and we’re so grateful for that. We have been able to prevent any further fights since Molly came into our lives (without shock collars!). We can’t recommend her services enough!

Chris Lane

Bruce on bed.png

Molly is simply amazing at analyzing dog behavior and working out the best solution.  She stays current on all new research and tools to constantly grow her knowledge on behavior. I was grateful to be able to take a 4 week class with her while volunteering at my local shelter in 2018. In this class, Molly helped us to not only understand dog body language but how to best help the dogs in the shelter using positive reinforcement. I learned how to help dogs with reactivity and very low thresholds, slowly growing that threshold to help with kennel stress and eventually set these dogs up for success in their future home.


She also does amazing work with the shy and fearful dogs, establishing trust in handler via treats, praise, and using the dogs body language to determine the next steps in their training. With Molly's teachings and endless support, I have been able to  knowledgeably counsel adopters with these methods and set dogs up for success in their home. Molly has even helped counsel me on handling my own fearful and reactive rescue dog and all the issues I adopted along with him. Molly has a wealth of knowledge that is ever growing. 

Marie Gianelli

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I I've worked with Molly in both rescue and shelter settings and continue to be impressed by her knowledge and skills. She's devoted so much of her time to helping shelters in need and providing training to staff and volunteers. I've used her for several of my own fosters, including board/train, and she has a way of breaking down complicated, difficult behaviors into manageable steps. Her compassion towards both humans and animals creates such a supportive training environment. I would highly recommend Molly to any individual or organization looking for high quality positive reinforcement training! Katie Dahm


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We have had the pleasure of working with Molly and Underdog Behavior and Consulting on multiple occasions, and each time has been a great experience for us and our dogs.  The dogs we have sent to Molly have either displayed in shelter behavior that we wanted to gain more insight around, or required a level of behavioral support/assessment that was not possible for us to provide in the shelter environment.  Molly’s assessment of and recommendations for the dogs she has worked with has been enormously helpful in placement, and has acted as a great source of information for adopters.  We highly recommend Molly as a resource for any shelter interested in providing an extra level of support for their shelter dogs.  Thank you, Molly!
-Sarah Witherell, Humane Society of Weld County

Lucca red blanket.jpg

Molly was very friendly and knowledgable, the board and train results were more than we expected. We were a little apprehensive of doing it due to cost. On our Zoom consultation we were impressed with Molly’s skills and knowledge, we decided it would be worth it. We were delighted to get the progress reports and were so impressed with how quickly she was able to teach Lucca everything. The results of the training speak for themselves, and the written report as well as in-person handoff were very useful. Lucca is a walking advertisement for Underdog Training!


We reached out to Underdog to help us with our new puppy who was a total handful. Molly was patient with us and Tucker (which wasn't always easy!) and got us on the right track. She explained his behavior as if she was talking for him, it really helped us understand his needs. We highly recommend Underdog, they are passionate about dogs!

Carol and Tucker

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