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Our badass mentorship program for building more knowledgeable and effective dog trainers

Dog Trainer Development

Underdog proudly presents: DTD - the kickass mentorship program for shaping savvy and impactful dog trainers.


Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating minds and genetic makeup of our beloved canine companions. Are you ready to geek out over all things dog-related?


In this course, we're not just going to amp up your dog knowledge and skills - we're going to improve your ability to connect with PEOPLE too.


We're talking about mastering the art of decoding dog behavior and rocking intervention strategies. But also, we're also going to school you on the fine art of coaching and supporting dog owners with heart and understanding, fostering a deeper bond between our human learners and their furry companions.


We're here to arm you with the tools to help dog parents navigate the ins and outs of training and management, even when they're not quite tuning in to your wisdom or sticking to the plan you've laid out.


Because let's face it, knowing how to train dogs is cool, but knowing how to train our HUMAN LEARNERS? That's where the real magic happens.


Ready to level up your dog training game? Reach out to us now and let's kickstart a journey of growth, compassion, and positive impact together. 

Email us at for more information on our next round!

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Are you Down to Dog? 

Class Run-down

1. Mastering Motivation / How Dogs Learn

*Understand how dogs learn and how to successfully communicate with them, learn how to install new behaviors, and write up training plans


2. Understanding and Reframing Dog Behavior

*Understand "problem" behaviors and how to modify them, how to reframe our language about dog behavior when communicating with clients, learn general intervention strategies including training, management, and normalizing, how to navigate common roadblocks.

3. Understanding and Working with Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression

*Understand fear and aggression from an evolutionary perspective, how to train and utilize intervention strategies effectively for specific behaviors rooted in fear and anxiety.


4. Effective Communication and Client Counseling

*Cultivate compassion for the humans, how to change human behavior, create sticky scripts, develop strategies when working with clients, harness our session "formula," practice practice practice!

Class will kick off in March 2024!

Timeframe: Weekly 2-3 hour virtual sessions with Molly, our Head Trainer, for roughly 12 weeks *opportunities for in-person coaching / practice*

Cost: $800

Mentorship Registration
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