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Take Two 

group class

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Look no further -- you've found it. The perfect class for you and your rescue dog. 

Take Two is no ordinary group class. 

It is specifically designed to cover everything you need to set your rescue dog up for a lifetime of butt wiggles and long naps in your home. 

It's your opportunity to change your dog's emotional well-being and immerse yourself in a community of rescue dog lovers like yourself.


We know you love your rescue dog, more than you possibly imagined. 

And that you're committed to giving them another chance, a new beginning, a clean slate. 

Ready to begin?

And... ACTION!

NOTE: Filling out a registration form DOES NOT enroll you for a class. It's a way to provide us your contact information and a platform in which to describe what you are hoping to work on with your dog so that we can ensure Take Two is the right fit for you. 

About the Class

Age: 1 year or older and up to date on vaccines

Duration: 6 weeks, 5 dogs max

First session is 2 hours (NO dogs)

Every session afterwards is 1 hour 15 mins

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Date and Time: Thursdays at 6:30p

  • June 22nd

  • June 29th

  • July 6th

  • July 13th

  • July 20th

  • July 27th

Cost: $390 for the 6-week class ($65 per session)

For the Humans:

  • Better understand your dog's behavior

  • Learn how to train new behaviors

  • Learn to reduce unwanted behaviors

  • Better communicate with your dog

  • Have the tools to problem solve dog behavior in the future

  • Be a better dog advocate

For the Dogs:

  • To come back to you no matter what 

  • Body handling/vetting

  • Meeting new people

  • How to relax on a bed/mat no matter what's going on

  • Whatever else your dog needs!

What Class Covers

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