Take Two Group Class

As you know, a rescue dog may have many takes. We believe in second chances.. and third chances... and fourth chances.. 


Take Two is a group class designed to set you and your rescue dog up for lifetime success.

This class is specifically tailored to what tools and support you will need when bringing a new rescue dog home. 

Class Info:

Age: 1 year or older and up to date on vaccines

Duration: 6 weeks

Schedule: Every Saturday at 3p October 15th - November 19th

  • First session is 1.5 hours, every session afterwards is 1 hour

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Cost: $390 for the 6-week class ($65 per session)


What we will cover in class:

For the Humans:

  • Better understand your dog's behavior

  • Learn how to train new behaviors

  • Learn to reduce unwanted behaviors

  • Better communicate with your dog

  • Have the tools to problem solve dog behavior in the future

  • Be a better dog advocate

For the Dogs:

  • Sit, down, how to relax on a bed/mat no matter what's going on

  • How to relax in the crate

  • To come back to you no matter what

  • Housetraining

  • Leash skills: Pulling on leash / On-leash reactivity / Leave It

  • Going to the vet / body handling

  • Meeting strangers