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Building Blocks

Are you the proactive type looking to set your young dog up for a lifetime of comfort and butt wiggles? 

Good on you for thinking ahead and having your puppy's best interest at heart. 

Positive reinforcement training and proper socialization when your dog is young is the best way to prevent them from developing fear and anxiety in their adulthood. 

Foundations training is one of the main Building Blocks to get your puppy growing up feeling safe and happy! 

Building Blocks is our newest offering for owners of puppies and young dogs looking to work on the basics. 

We cover..

  • On-leash reactivity

  • Installing new behaviors like sit and down-stay

  • Modifying common puppy-like behaviors like jumping, getting in the trash, or pulling on leash

  • And we can help you with socializing them to our world so they grow up confident and comfortable

Email us at for details!

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