The shelter is a stressful environment for any dog, but some have a harder time than others. When a dog is displaying troubling behavior in the shelter, it can be tough to determine if that behavior is indicative of how the dog will behave in a home. Underdog offers a unique opportunity for Colorado shelters to see how a dog will do in a home prior to adoption. During a board and train session, we will evaluate the dog's behavior in a home environment. In addition, we will address training goals put forth by the organization and work to improve the dog's chances at successful long term placement. A minimum of 4 days is required, 7 days is average for a shelter board and train.

We also work with foster based rescues! Anyone who works or volunteers in rescue knows how crucial foster homes are. They open their hearts and homes to unknown dogs and at times are met with behaviors that are beyond their capabilities. We can help! We've taken rescue cases ranging from severe fear, to separation anxiety to dog aggression. Often times, we have scheduled the board and train when the foster is on vacation, or has visitors, killing two birds with one stone for the rescue! Our trainer works with the dog with an eye towards compatibility in her foster home, and passes on tips and tricks along with the regular training recommendations to the foster.


Upon the conclusion of the session, the organization will receive a written evaluation with training recommendations including adoption recommendations. in addition, you will receive videos of some of the training sessions and photos for marketing. Click the links for examples!

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